20 best jobs for Dog Lovers

Every day millions of people go to work hating their jobs, I am one of them. While just about everyone would rather be doing something they love, I happen to love dogs. Watching their reactions, their behaviors and their undying loyalty to their owners, brings me a lot of happiness. While we all can’t be Cesar Millan, I believe that if you can’t be both rich and happy, just be happy. After doing some research I found many great jobs for dog lovers, here are the top 20.

Animal Behaviorists

2Vet Tech

Probably the next best thing to being a Veterinarian is being a Vet Tech. They don’t have nearly as much schooling to go through and get to do a similar, but scaled down job as the Vet. You also won’t make nearly as much money, so it’s a toss up.

Animal Behaviorists

This is actually a college degree program, or more correctly, several different but closely related degree programs. These professionals work with everything from dogs to zoo animals to sea animals to migrant birds. The dog behaviorists work with troubled dogs as sort of a doggy psychologist to try and fix problems. It’s funny until you have an anorexic purebred that you want to show. That’s when people pull out the big bucks. Doggie