8 Extremely Effective Tricks To Grow Hair Faster

Long hair is never something unachievable. I have collected some extremely effective tricks to grow your healthy hair faster without any side effect or damage. The tricks are simple and will absolutely give you lustrous and shiny hair. If you had a bad hair cut and want to grow your hair again, or you are attracted by some of your favourite actress’s hair so just hold your horses for a minute and then you will get to know the best tricks to grow your hair faster.

glam up long hair


Cover your head when you are leaving your home at day time. Sunlight effects your hair and seriously damage it and make it unhealthy. Damaged hair can easily be broken. UV rays are one of the top main reason to cause hair damage so it is very necessary for you to save your hair from sunlight and it’s UV rays. Wear light color cotton scarfs not dark because dark colors like black absorbs the sunlight.