How To Contour, Beautifully!

Contouring makes your features look prominent. Make your nose and chin looks thin, beautiful and give you higher cheekbones. It gives you totally a new look because it defines your features. Try to apply this new trick of contouring if you want a little change to make up your face. It will definitely enhance your features and boost your confidence level.

How To Contour


First of all wash your face and remove the makeup if you are wearing any. Dry it.


Always use the concealer first. Just don’t hurt your concealer for your dark circles only. You can use it all over your face. The reason concealer was made to cancel out the pimple’s redness and the blemishes. You can use it on your dark circles, all over the eyes and beneath the nose. Don’t use the same concealer you use to cancel out your pimples on rest of the skin because it’ll spread the bacteria. Use your fingers to pat and blend it well.