How to get beautiful Nails

Manicure beautifies your nails for few days only that is why you need to make your habit to take care of your nails on daily basis so they will always look great all naturally. Be gentle with your nails always.

How to get beautiful nails

Trim your nails every week and then file them. Be gentle with them while you are trimming them. If you are planning to grow your nails and keep them long so just file them and trim when required. Don’t cut them too short or grow them too long that they start bending down. Always leave a little lanula in other words that white crescent part. After trimming file them. Don’t be harsh.

Don’t bite your nails. This is the most bad habit and extremely bad for your nails. Nails look really ugly if you bite them. Biting the nails make them weak and they do not grow strong then and becomes the hurdle. Saliva softens the nails which break them easily so this is the very first step you need to take to get beautiful and strong nails.

Don’t keep your hand in water for too long that they become soft and weak. Soft nails can easily be torn. If you are doing chores always wear gloves to keep your nails away from water because then they can easily be broken while you are washing the dishes.

Always keep your nails away from detergents and other cleaning agents while you are washing the dishes, clothes and stuff. Detergents and every other cleaning agents have chemicals inside them which can be reactive sometimes on sensitive skins. Lots of people face different types of allergies through these products so it is always a great option to wear gloves or anything you can to save your hands and nails from allergies and fungus.

Always moisturize your hands and nails to keep them away from dryness. Use oil or lotions on your hands and nails. Jojoba and almond oil are too good for nails. They will keep your nails healthy and moisturized. It will also keep them away from the damage caused by the temperature.