How To Straighten Hair Without Heat

Heat has always been a huge problem for hair whether you get it from iron or blow drier. As it is very unhealthy and harmful for hair. You better don’t use it if you want to have good-looking and healthy hair. I have collected some tactics to straighten your hair without heating it. It’s simple as that. You’ll absolutely rock with your straight hair that you’d get without heating it. So here you go!


All you need to do is wash your hair first. Then brush it until it dries with a flat brush. You can also brush your hair in front of a fan, it’s quick but you will have to brush your hair continuously. If you are not doing it in front of the fan so you can brush your hair after every five minutes until it dries. It’d be better if you section your hair and then brush. It’d give you best results. Pull out the sections and encourage them to straighten.